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Anno 1800 Season 2 Pass reveals three DLC packs and bonus content

Published: 18:18, 09 March 2020
Anno 1800's Season 2 Pass contents
Anno 1800, Season 2 Pass contents

When Blue Byte and Ubisoft vowed to make Season 2 of Anno 1800 as eventful as its maiden season, they clearly weren't joking. So, Season 2 Pass has a lot going for it, starting with the first DLC pack confirmed for later this month - Seat of Power.

Starting on 24 March 2020, Anno 1800 players with Season 2 Pass will be treated to the first DLC pack in 2020 - Seat of Power. 

As you'll soon see, it's more than just a metaphorical addition, as the building serves several purposes. "As the eponymous Seat of Power, the palace will house several departments, each giving you not only a passive bonus, but also the pick of several policies that you can use to influence different aspects of life in your city", the dev wrote. 

Anno 1800 players who've been calling for tweaks to the influence system have a lot to look forward to on 24 March, as the Game Update 7 launches for all the players on that date. 

You'll be able to select whether you want to earn more, less or the same amount of influence you're currently earning. Oh, and the save is retroactive, so loading any game will simply ask you to pick the difficulty the first time you load it.  

Anno 1800's second Season 2 DLC focuses on farmland, as was pretty clear from the title. What was only subtly hinted at is that it's bright because of the new addition - tractor modules. These will increase your farms' productivity, lowering the need for workforce, and make more room on your island as a result.

Ubisoft Anno 1800's Bright Harvest farmland-themed key art Anno 1800, Bright Harvest, Summer 2020

Last but not least, Land of Lions DLC may not have a release date yet, but Blue Byte and Ubisoft are promising the biggest Anno 1800 DLC pack so far. It will include "a new session and continent, new citizen tiers, buildings, production chains and quests. In a new storyline, you will travel to the drylands to join up with Emperor Ketema, as he works to turn his lands green."

Ubisoft Anno 1800's Africa-themed Land of Lions DLC Anno 1800, Land of Lions DLC coming 'later in 2020'

As you'd expect, playing on searing terrain means managing precious water resources, which the dev reminded may remind Anno veterans to Anno 1404. We guess that's the code for Water Not Found. 

Ubisoft Anno 1800's Seat of Power building Anno 1800, Seat of Power

Anno 1800 Season 2 Pass owners will also get three exclusive new ornaments. You can find the full announcement here .

Anno 1800 Season 2 Pass contents, 3 DLCs included

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Anno 1800, Season 2 Pass contents

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