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Anno 1800 gets City Lights Pack DLC and Game Update 9.1

Published: 18:22, 13 November 2020
Anno 1800, City Lights Pack DLC at night
Anno 1800, City Lights Pack DLC, city at night

Ubisoft and Blue Byte have rolled out the next Anno 1800 DLC called City Lights Pack, which adds ornaments and lights to your creations, as well as Game Update 9.1.

"“City Lights” is the third Cosmetic DLC for Anno 1800 and focuses on giving you plenty of smaller ornaments to beautify your cities with markets, plazas and other recreational opportunities. Coming in close second after the “Amusements Pack” in the community vote in spring, your feedback as well as the success of the previous Cosmetic DLCs lead to the decision to also work on the back then still called “City Life” pack", the dev wrote.

Anno 1800's City Lights Pack is available separately, so as to not interfere with those who'd rather keep cramming their cities with more functional units, rather than aim for a place of beauty. It holds more than 20 new urban ornaments as well as freely placeable street lanterns, which will light up your city at night like a Christmas tree.

The ultimate goal was to give an alternate way to beautify your Anno 1800 cities, and evade the scenario that the Amusements Pack DLC caused, i.e. packing one or two city areas with ornaments while leaving the rest. 

Anno 1800's City Lights Pack has the following ornaments:

  1. Farmer’s Stall 
  2. Florist’s Stall 
  3. Grocer’s Stall 
  4. Fishmonger’s Stall 
  5. Cheesemonger’s Stall 
  6. Pizzeria Bread 
  7. Confectionary Drinks Shack 
  8. Sandwich Shack 
  9. Couples’ Table 
  10. Solitary Table 
  11. Family Table 
  12. Steelwork Fence (5 different elements) 
  13. Sandpit and Slide 
  14. Children’s Playground 
  15. Water Trough 
  16. Public Timepiece 
  17. Steel Clockhouse 
  18. City Light 
  19. Telephone Box 
  20. Clearwater Pool

Ubisoft Anno 1800, City Lights Pack DLC Anno 1800, City Lights Pack DLC

Along with the DLC comes the Game Update 9.1, which brings a number of tweaks and fixes. The patch notes are as follows:


  • Fixed a progression blocker in the “A Holy Pilgrimage” expedition event.
  • Fixed a progression blocker in the “Streetcar named Olispo” expedition event.
  • Fixed an issue with Dried meat not being recognized as a viable ration for expeditions.
  • Fixed an issue that could spawn a non-interactable Arctic map during the “Solace at Palm-Girt Wells” expedition event, preventing further progress in the expedition.
  • Fixed an issue with some hardcoded region names.
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally stop keyboard inputs being recognized.


  • Fixed display issues in the Share Overview and World Fair screens for players on widescreen monitors.
  • Fixed a display issue in the travel logs of the “Land of Lions” expedition.
  • Fixed a potential display issue with a grey square being shown when selecting several islands in the Statistics Overview menu.
  • Removed unavailable Water Pump entries when scrolling down in the River Slot object menu.
  • Fixed a display issue with misaligned object menus for Clay Pits and Oil Springs in certain languages.
  • Fixed an UI issue in decisions screens where locked answers sometimes did not appear greyed out.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in the Old World’s Marketplace icon being used in Enbesa.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in the rewards icon becoming invisible if opening the World Fair’s Exhibition screen for a second time.
  • Increased the readability and visibility of some text in the “Tomb Raiders” expedition event.
  • Fixed a potential issue with flickering in the Waha Desher ruins.
  • Adjusted text display in the Museum menu, so the name “Heirlooms of the Gold-Realm” should now be properly shown.ITEMSFixed an issue with the “Gods of the Delta” set effect erroneously reducing influence points.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Gods of the Delta” set effect not being applied to Trade Unions in the New World.


  • Fixed a progression blocker during the quest “A Promise Kept”.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent some quests in Hugo Mercier’s main line being triggered for players.
  • Fixed an issue that stopped the quest “Mermaid’s Purses” from being completed.
  • Fixed a display issue with the water pump during the quest “Waha Desher: Let the Waters flow”
  • Fixed an issue with the reward effect from the “Help the Meek” quest. It should now properly reduce the Shepherds consumption.
  • Fixed an issue with the quest “Artnarchists” not giving players the required “Poster of the Leader” item.
  • The quest “Angereb: The Wisdom Therein” will no longer trigger if the player previously got access to the library as part of the Kidusi Anitoni questline.
  • Fixed an issue in the quests “Waha Desher: Ensuring Safety” and “Angereb: Seherut Ships of Salt”, which could prevent players from selling previously built Frigates for their duration.
  • Fixed a non-interactable quest marker on the minimap in Taborime.

Anno 1800 is a real-time strategy by Blue Byte and Ubisoft

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