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The Elder Scrolls Online offers a preview of enemies in Necrom

Published: 06:05, 17 May 2023
The Elder Scrolls Online - Necrom hosts many horrors
The Elder Scrolls Online - Necrom hosts many horrors

Zenimax showed a glimpse of the horrors that await us in the realm of Hermeus Mora with the next ESO expansion.

Necrom is the next expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online and it is set to release on June 5, 2023.

Before the content comes along and we get to venture into the realm of Hermaeus Mora, Zenimax offered a glimpse into the enemies we will be facing, showing the horrors Captain Tentacle will throw at us.

There are four main enemies to look out for - Seekers, Lurkers, Mind Terrors and Hushed.

Seekers can be found near places where knowledge is concentrated, such as Hermaeus Mora's libraries, minding the Daedric Prince's hoards and keeping others from obtaining it. 

They are Mora's most devout servants and chief among them is the Prime Cataloguer who resides in the Libram Cathedral, who is described as a challenging enemy that will require a group of adventurers to take down.

Just like the Seekers, TES V: Skyrim players also encountered the Lurkers who like to prey on people who come close to certain pools. One might not expect such a huge creature to emerge from a seemingly shallow body of liquid but barely anyone expects them to be as fast as they are either.

Mind Terrors are perhaps the most frightening denizens of Apocrypha but even they have individuals that are more terrifying than others. The Walking Nightmare has reportedly escaped from Oblivion and will require an extra touch to be put down.

Finally, there are the Hushed. They are the only creatures on the list that aren't native to Apocrypha and are said to be knowledge seekers who have been deformed in mind and body through learning some of Hermaeus Mora's darkest secrets. In essence, they are the walking warning signs that one should not deal with Daedric Princes.


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