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Elder Scrolls Online introduces a new class - Arcanist

Published: 12:09, 26 January 2023
The Elder Scrolls Online - Arcanist
The Elder Scrolls Online - Arcanist

Elder Scrolls Online is getting a new expansion soon and it includes the Arcanist, for which the devs offered a closer look.

Elder Scrolls Online has previously released a pile of adventures and new classes but Zenimax folks aren't stopping there.

They presented Necrom, the next part in the ESO saga, during Developer Direct 2023 , which included new places, catching up with ol' Hermaeus Mora and a new class, the Arcanist. 

It will be a class for those who would like to harness the power of runes, tomes of ancient knowledge and generally be themed around the aforementioned Daedric Prince.


Arcanists can practice a variety of magics, giving them versatility in their role as team members or solo adventurers as they can go down the destructive path or choose to heal and buff themselves and their allies.

They also have a unique mechanic called Crux which can be saved up and spent when activating specific abilities. The more Crux an Arcanist gathers before spending it, the more it empowers the next ability.

The three skill lines Arcanists can utilise are:

  • Herald of the Tome, which focuses on ranged and AoE damage
  • Curative Runeforms, specialising in buffs and healing
  • Apocryphal Soldier, which is basically a tank with exploding shields

ESO: Necrom, which includes the Arcanist class, is set to launch on June 5 on PC and June 20, 2023, on consoles.


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