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Overwatch 2 roadmap shows glimpses of the next three seasons

Published: 06:12, 17 May 2023
Overwatch 2 - Lifeweaver the plant-based support
Overwatch 2 - Lifeweaver the plant-based support

Overwatch 2 recently came up with some bad news but also provided a glimpse into the future.

Blizzard recently announced they wouldn't be able to fulfil the vision of the PvE component for Overwatch 2 they presented back in 2019, disappointing countless fans in the process, but they also provided a look at what the future holds in store for the game.

The roadmap in question covers 2023 and the early parts of 2024 since it contains the next three seasons, including two new heroes.

Additionally, the scrapped PvE mode seems to have been repurposed into bite-sized storytelling pieces, with some of them not being canon.

Season 5

  • Questwatch time-limited event
  • Mischief and Magic
  • Cinematic reveal
  • Summer Games
  • 5v5 mini comp season
  • On Fire return
  • Creator Workshop mode

Questwatch and Mischief and Magic appears to be parts of the non-canonical storytelling experience.

Season 6

  • Story missions
  • New support hero
  • Flashpoint
  • Hero mastery
  • Firing range
  • Player progression system
  • Anniversary

This will apparently be the biggest release in Overwatch history, including a permanent new game mode that will also go into the Competitive playlist.

Season 7

  • New tank hero
  • Collab event
  • New Control map
  • Winter event
  • Hero mastery missions
  • Roadhog rework
  • Sombra rework
  • Cinematic debuts
  • Competitive Mystery Heroes reprised
  • Lore codex

Following the release of two consecutive support heroes, we will be getting a tank in this season.


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