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Metro: Last Light will be free to claim on Steam for a limited time

Published: 03:04, 17 May 2023
Updated: 03:05, 17 May 2023
4A Games
Metro: Last Light is preparing for a giveaway
Metro: Last Light is preparing for a giveaway

One of the best singleplayer shooter games of the past decade will be free of charge for a week and this time around it is the complete edition.

Metro: Last Light was released all the way back in 2013, meaning the game is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2023.

4A Games decided to party hard and that means the fans will benefit - Metro: Last Light Complete Edition will be free to claim from May 18 to 25, 2023.

Last Light is available on more than one storefront on PC but it seems like the freebie will be exclusive to Valve 's platform.

Ironically, the game is published by Deep Silver , who were one of the first publishers to pull one over Valve when Epic Games started paying for exclusivity, creating the massive controversy over Metro: Exodus in the process.

Anyway, the Complete Edition includes all the DLC which should enrich the already chunky singleplayer campaign with roughly 10 hours of content as well as other improvements that enhance gameplay.

Being a survival horror game, some of the elements that were upgraded include immersion through better melee animations, the ability to check the watch and ammo supplies on the fly and overall better player animations.

Still, being a game from 2013, it means that the system requirements will be low and you are unlikely to have hardware-related issues or performance drops.


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