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The Division 2 brand sets, specialisations and healing explained

Published: 19:43, 15 June 2018
SHD agents are walking around in overgrown Washington DC ruins
The Division 2

The Division 2 will feature plethora of new mechanics such as brand sets, new specialisations and new healing system. Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment predicted this information heap might overwhelm fans so they offered clarification.

Fans have been pondering whether the new weapon-bound specialisations will be permanent once they are locked in, which could hamper the versatility they were used to in the original The Division since they could pretty much swap between specs on the fly.

The Division 2 developer livestream during E3 debunked any doubts, with the developers saying that the specialisations are not classes, and players will be able to switch between them. They didn't specify whether players will be able to do it on the fly but they noted that each specialisation will have its own progression. This progression will not be lost by switching to another spec.

These three specialisations will add different skill mods, talents and stat bonuses unique to each spec so they will cater to specific playstyles. Sharpshooters can expect bonuses to headshot damage and stability for example.

Gear brands will be the new gear sets. These brands offer bonuses for wearing up to three gear pieces of the same brand. The bonuses start with the first piece though, so players can mix between different brands in order to get their optimal loadout.

This means a player can have six different bonuses for each gear piece from different brands. They can also have two built up sets of bonuses from two brands of three pieces each, one brand set with tier three bonus and three tier one bonuses from three other brands. There are virtually endless brand combinations players can have but it remains to be seen how many of them will actually be viable.

Ubisoft An SHD agent is looking at the White House in flames The Division 2

There was no healing implemented in the demo build shown at E3 and fans were somewhat confused about whether healing will actually be viable since the health pool is actually very low, with armour pool being the main layer of defence.

Well, The Division 2 website shows four agent skills - Assault Drone, Chem Launcher, Hive and Seeker Mine. The Chem Launcher can load up different types of ammunition, with one of the types being "repairing nano bots". It is easy to assume these bots will focus on repairing the agents' damaged or broken Armour Plates.

As far as the weapons go, all the weapons from the original game will make an appearance in The Division 2. They have been completely reworked, however, and each of them will feel different. For example, Vector now finally has its realistic fire rate of 1100 rounds per minute.

Ubisoft The Division 2 screenshot shows several SHD agents shooting up random NPCs The Division 2

Weapon mods will no longer clutter players' inventory as they will behave as unlockable items. Once a player unlocks a weapon mod, it will be immediately available for usage on any eligible weapons and players will be able to use several copies of the same mod across several different weapons in their inventory.

Mods also have negative sides now, for example suppressors can now reduce fire rate or range of a weapon while increasing critical hit chance.

Weapon talents will remain randomised but there is currently no information of whether there will be a Recalibration Station for re-rolling them in The Division 2. 

Ubisoft SHD agents are engaging in a firefight in Washington DC The Division 2

These are just a few takeouts we were able to salvage from E3 streams and VoDs, but if you feel like information hunting, you can check out in all of their 11 hour long glory.

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