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Telesto bug allows Destiny 2 Hunters to punch Titans back

Published: 07:03, 03 May 2020
Destiny 2 - Telesto
Destiny 2 - Telesto

Destiny 2 players have uncovered a new Telesto bug that will allow Hunters to finally enter the crayon muncher club as they will also be able to kill people in Crucible with a single punch.

Another day, another Telesto bug. At this point we are just amazed Bungie didn't remove the item yet and given out 1,000 Silver as compensation because there must be some devs sick and tired of fixing the same weapon every month.

Anyway, this latest bug allows Arcstrider Hunters to charge up Liar's Handshake and Combination Blow without having to actually kill someone first. Normally, Liar's Handshake's intrinsic, Cross Counter, activates on hitting someone without having to kill them but the bonus is not applied on the first strike. Combination Blow requires a kill with it to grant bonus melee damage.

In Crucible, where it's a matter of seconds when deciding who dies and lives, killing a target with a melee ability and then proceeding to kill a second one the same way can be tricky. Enter Telesto the Besto.

When you fire this Exotic fusion rifle, the projectiles stick to a surface briefly before exploding. The catch is that they count as hostiles so you can actually punch them. Upon doing so, both bonuses will activate, granting a Hunter with this specific loadout the ability to one punch enemies into oblivion.

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Destiny 2, Season of the Worthy

Shoulder charge enthusiasts now finally have adversaries worthy of fighting for that box of crayons but it's possible Bungie are soon going to disable the weapon before fixing it, again.

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