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Telesto breaks Destiny 2, again

Published: 20:14, 28 September 2021
Destiny 2 - Telesto
Destiny 2 - Telesto

Telesto the Besto has done it again. The Fusion Rifle's sticky explosives have managed to create yet another exploit in Destiny 2, allowing the Super to charge much faster than intended.

Osiris and Saint-14 are Destiny 2 's second most iconic duo because they can't compare to Telesto and bugs. The Exotic Fusion rifle has broken Destiny 2 once again as it allows opponents to charge their Supers extremely fast. It's a bit ironic it happened just after Bungie patched the Thermoplastic Blooming that previously awarded super energy for killing friendly Telesto projectiles.

The way that the latest bug works is a bit different. It appears that killing opponents' Telesto projectiles still counts as killing enemies so when you kill a bunch of them, they will proc your associated effects.

In the example of Roesch, who found the glitch on September 27, 2021, he used Ballistic Slam from the middle Titan Striker tree. When you hit enemies with a Ballistic Slam, a Code of the Missile passive will provide Super Energy. In other words, hitting a bunch of projectiles on the ground charged that Super like there is no tomorrow.

This glitch does require an extremely specific scenario and if the enemies are not using Telesto, you can't exploit it. On the other hand, it's always good to see the ol' Besto being so persistent with insubordination. It's also a decent tip that might turn the tide of a Trials or Survival match.

It never hurts to have another trick up your sleeve, at least until Bungie fixes it.

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