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League of Legends - Project L gameplay and mechanics revealed

Published: 20:04, 05 December 2022
Riot Games
Riot has revealed basic gameplay and mechanics for their upcoming game - Project L
Riot has revealed basic gameplay and mechanics for their upcoming game - Project L

Gameplay and mechanics for Project L have been revealed! Project L is an upcoming game from the Riot Games family, and will be based on actual League of Legends champions.

Project L has indeed received a lot of attention. Riot has been working on their version of a fighting game for quite some time. So far, everything seems excellent, as Riot has been slowly revealing details about the game via Dev Diary videos.

Previously, we learnt about Project L's original characters.  The most current Dev Diary also goes into detail on Illaoi's state in terms of gameplay and mechanics. That, though, is still in its early stages. Here is what we know about the game mechanics.

The two-champion system being developed for Project L revolves around three key tagging mechanisms, or at least the three Riot was willing to show off for the time being: Assist Actions, Handshake Tag, and Dynamic Save. The game is based on already existing League of Legends champions.

Riot is quite dedicated to champion movement design. All champions will be able to walk, run, dashing, chain dashing, leap, long jump, and super jump as part of Project L.

The chain dashing, long leap, and super jump mechanics are incredibly fascinating since they will allow all champions to outperform. In addition, several champions will feature distinct movement actions.

The Assist Actions will be the primary component of Project L's Tag Team System. There are two off-screen aid actions, and the assist action may be charged if you hold the button for it.

In Project L, the Handshake Tag lets players to switch between their two on-screen champions.Dynamic Save is Project L's combo breaker. 

Dynamic Save, like any other combo breaker, is designed to interrupt an opponent's combination at the precise time to turn the fight around.


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