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Street Fighter VI trailer confirms months-old character leaks

Published: 09:26, 03 June 2022
Street Fighter VI
Street Fighter VI

Capcom revealed some new looks and a new roster addition in a Street Fighter VI trailer during State of Play, giving credence to a leak that happened back in February.

Street Fighter VI showcased its improved visuals as well as a new roster addition, Jamie, who uses some style of Kung Fu that was previously not around in the game. As it turns out, it's Drunken Fist and that information has been around for months due to a leak on Reddit that happened on February 26, 2022.

Jamie is not the only character mentioned in the leak as there is a whole cast of colourful additions seen in the same thread.

  • "Dandy Russian with Psycho Power in an peach/orange colored suit
  • African-American ninja girl with with an orange hoodie, black pants, wears earbuds and has blue highlights in her hair while using rollerskates
  • Italian wrestler woman with red hair and an MMA legionnaire look that wears black & gold
  • Yun and Yang's cousin (wears yellow, uses Drunken Fist style)
  • "Female Abel"
  • Mexican girl in a green tunic with an Aztec weapon (noted to may have some kind of relation to T. Hawk)
  • Chinese assassin lady with a hairstyle like Sawada from Kengan that wears a black dress and uses poison like FANG.
  • There will be other characters returning aside from Ryu and Luke. I can confirm that Chun-Li, Zangief and Cammy will also be in. For default costumes, it was said to me prior to this reveal (months ago) that Ryu has a beard and Luke's design was being tweaked. They had more preliminary design info as I was told that Chun-Li's design will probably stay the same (maintaining her classic look or close to it), Zangief will likely have a bit more flair to his design and Cammy may wear pants this time."

The Jamie leak may still be too little in the way of proof for more wary fans but the same trailer seemingly confirmed the Italian wrestler, which can be seen on a billboard to the left, at the beginning of the trailer (0:05 time stamp).

Furthermore, Luke is observing a giant screen at 2:49 when a "new challenger" is teased, named Kimberly. Her description matches the "African-American ninja girl with an orange hoodie", so it's safe to assume the leak was correct at this point.

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