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Stellaris Quantum Catapult Will Be an Overlords Main Logistical Tool

Published: 05:27, 16 April 2022
Paradox Interactive
Stellaris - Quantum Catapult
Stellaris - Quantum Catapult

There comes a time in every overlord’s reign when a faraway crisis suddenly requires your attention., and not of the good kind. That is what the quantum catapult is for.

A true galactic overlord has to be able to project their power at will and doesn’t let little things, such as light-years of distance, stop them from enacting their plans.

Built around Neutron Stars or Pulsars, Quantum Catapults can hurl fleets across incredible distances of space, but these megastructures have accuracy issues over long distances. 

The maximum range of a Quantum Catapult is significantly longer than the jump drive's range but there’s a risk the fleet may not land exactly where they intended. The further the launch, the wider the scatter radius.

Higher tiers of the Quantum Catapult are both more accurate and have a longer maximum range, with a well-placed fully-constructed Catapult able to threaten virtually anywhere, even in a huge galaxy.

Paradox Interactive Stellaris - Galaxy Stellaris - Galaxy

After selecting the desired target system, a short windup later your fleet will arrive somewhere in a nearby system, without any lingering jump debuffs. But there is a chance, especially on spiral maps, that this “nearby” system is quite a few jumps away from your intended destination when traveling the hyperlanes. 

Quantum Catapults also have a passive effect that reduces the missing in action time for your missing fleets, which comes in useful when moving reinforcements to the front line, using experimental subspace on your science ships, or if your launched fleet lands in a system with Closed Borders.

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