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Stellaris Overlord Introduces Three New Enclaves

Published: 11:45, 10 April 2022
Paradox Interactive
Stellaris Overlord
Stellaris Overlord

While last week's dev diary introduced specialist empires, this week Stellars offers players an opportunity to meet some new, possible, friends. Though xenophobia is rampant in Stellaris, so there's that.

Starting off with the Salvagers, they  are a friendly and pacifistic bunch of scrappers and mechanics. Focused on engineering, these tinkerers love nothing more than scrapping old ships, refurbishing them, and sending them on to find new homes.

Though eager to help, they’ve been burned in the past and are thus cautious at first, offering only a few services, such as scrapping old fleets you no longer require or offering you bargains on slightly used ships.  As you gain their trust, though, they’ll provide a wider array of options. 

From providing their insights regarding Engineering Research to offering salvage services for debris fields following battles, the Salvagers do their best to please their valued clients. 

Next up are the Shroudwalkers, who are a monastic enclave that delves into the deepest mysteries of the Shroud, seeking to understand the unknowable. Their true natures and desires are difficult to divine.

Paradox Interactive Stellaris Stellaris

And, last, but not least, are the Mercenary Enclaves, who are not found randomly in the depths of space. Instead, they can be founded by regular empires that are not Fanatic Purifiers. There’s a long list of requirements to release a fleet in this way, as it must be at least size 50, have an admiral, be in a system under your control with no other enclave in the system, and have an appropriate place for them to build their station.

By default, Mercenary Enclave Capacity starts at zero. In addition to their normal effects, the Warrior Culture, Barbaric Despoilers, and Private Military Companies civics each add one potential Mercenary Enclave, while the Naval Contractors civic adds two.

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