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Stellaris Necrophage balancing nerfs and species changes

Published: 22:57, 21 June 2021
Paradox Interactive
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In their quest to bring balance to Stellaris gameplay, and put all the races and species on an equal footing, Paradox Interactive are bringing changes to the Necroids species pack.

In their efforts, developers are looking to use the Lem update to shore up some oversights made recently and rectify the missing of some opportunities.

On quite a few occasions, Hive Minds have been very close to being allowed entry to the echelons of Necrophage primary species. With the Lem update, this is finally made a possibility. Flavor texts are already in place to make the union of Hive-minds and Necrophages fit the theme of the game better. 

Furthermore, changes have been made to Goods consumption of Hive-mind Necrophages as opposed to normal ones, excluding their need for Consumer Goods, but doubling their Food Upkeep. Some mechanics that were disabled previously are making a comeback, as Necrophage Hive-mind exclusives, and changes to actual Hive-mind planets are being made, to be able to accommodate this type of Necrophage population.

Necrophage nerfs are of a general nature. With a focus on limiting early Necrophage advantages, early additional pops are no longer available, the chance of pops escaping the purging process has been increased, and the primitive worlds are now limited to the Iron Age level of civilization development.

Paradox Interactive Raising the Tiyanki Matriarch Raising the Tiyanki Matriarch

As for the main lure of Necrophages, the undead aesthetic, and the literal raising of armies, changes have been implemented to make such a process easier and more in tune with the theme of the species. When defeating an organic army, there is a one-in-three chance of raising them as offensive undead armies, but the biggest change is the ability to raise Voidspawn or even the Tiyanki Matriarch as undead units, should they be defeated by the Necrophages.

Dread encampments changes make them generally much more useful to have now, with them being built from Day 1, giving more Necromancer jobs, and exchanging Defense Armies for Undead Defense armies, of course, stronger.

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