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Stellaris: Necroids Species brings about spooky themes

Published: 02:24, 22 October 2020
Paradox Interactive

Halloween festivities are in full swing all over the gaming world and it's Stellaris' turn now as we are getting a pile of new mechanics and cosmetics.

Necroids Species Pack will introduce new Origins and Civics on October 29, 2020, just days before this year's Halloween. It includes new portraits, civics, ship sets and other cosmetics.

Stellaris' spooky race is said to be creepy enough to leave layers with goosebumps after seeing the new portraits, civics, ship sets and more which can be previewed on the trailer below.

They are an intelligent species who believe that death is not the end but rather a beginning of a new journey. The species don't shy away and are not afraid of dying since they spend their days studying in preparation for their "transformation" in the Elevation Chamber. 

New cosmetics will pop up in playthroughs for Stellaris veterans and bring new life to killer type empires. This mostly achieved with the new additions that include:

  • Necrophage Origin that excels at having martyrs that consume others and have three new civics:
    • Death Cult which enables edicts that require sacrificing pops
    • Reanimated Armies that allow the deployment of morality-immune undead armies
    • Memorialists who erect monuments to the galaxy's past which improve planetary stability and honouring tomb worlds
  • 16 new portraits, most of them organic as just one is robotic
  • New ship set
  • New advisor voiceover
  • New city set and diplomacy room
  • New name lists
  • New building cosmetics

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