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Stellaris Cepheus Update Balance Changes Revealed

Published: 03:35, 22 April 2022
Paradox Interactive
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As with every update, there are a number of balance or quality of life changes and adjustments in Cepheus, with the developers giving us the most interesting ones.

In Cepheus,  successful Force Ideology wars with a corporate aggressor now result in the target or created empire having the Oligarchic authority and Merchant Guilds civic. This is also true for Status Quo resolutions of Establish Hegemony, Subjugation, and the Scion’s Bring into the Fold wargoals.

Additionally, Corporate subjects can now open branch offices in subjects of their shared overlord, as long as their overlord is not also a MegaCorp.

As for the AI Subjects of Player Empires, they now receive AI bonuses as if the difficulty level of the game were one level lower, rather than losing their bonuses entirely, while the military will now consider Low Military Intel at 30 Intel instead of 40 and Medium Military Intel is now gained at 60 Intel instead of 70.

Paradox Interactive Stellaris: Console Edition - Federations expansion pack trailer screenshot Stellaris

The effects of Medium and High Military Intel have been swapped. Medium now allows you to view ship loadout, while High now grants visibility of location of military fleets.

Some improvements have been made to automated migration., as well, with "Ideal" worlds such as:

  • Ring worlds,
  • Gaia worlds,
  • Hive worlds, 
  • Machine worlds,

Now have a 50% higher score when pops are deciding where to automatically resettle to. So they are more likely to want to move to your newly-founded ring world, for instance. Capital world planet designations also have a plus 10 percent score, and freshly founded colonies have 25 percent from their designation.

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