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Stellaris adds new Situations system with next patch

Published: 07:22, 15 March 2022
Paradox Interactive
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Stellaris, devs say, provides excellent systems to tell stories about things that have happened, but lacks a good structure through which to tell stories about things that are happening right now. This is a way to change that.

DUe to the way things are currently set up in Stellaris, regarding the universe's lore, stories and event chains are likely to be hard to follow, and it may not always be clear that events are connected to each other or why certain things happen.

To combat this, developers are instating the Situations system, which should remedy this situation by giving players an interactive and informative interface by which to experience current affairs event chains and providing a structure that is easy to add new content to.

Though, initially, the system was based on the Disaster from EU4, developers had to diverge from t, as disasters were not the only stories they wish to be told in the game. thus, the Situations system will have a clear-cut progression chain:

  • The Situation starts, whether on a single planet or empire-wide,
  • Each month, the Situation’s “progress” will tick upwards or downwards, depending on your response to the Situation,
  • As the Situation progresses, you may reach the next “stage”. Often, an event will be fired as soon as this happens, to develop the story,
  • The player can choose how to respond to a Situation via a selection of “Approaches”,
  • When either end of the Situation’s progress bar is reached, the Situation is resolved, usually through an event in which something happens.

Paradox Interactive Stellaris Stellaris

To differentiate random events from those caused by the Situations, the User Interface has been tweaked a bit. The Situations can range from deficits of your own making causing you to go bankrupt, to Synthetic AI Uprising.

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