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Confirmed: Starfield features a silent protagonist

Published: 15:55, 13 June 2022
Starfield - Dialogue scene
Starfield - Dialogue scene

Bethesda confirm the big news. Starfield is set to have a silent protagonist. 

When Starfield finally launches in early 2023 , it will feature a silent protagonist, which is music to our and many Bethesda RPG fans' ears. This means that the player character won't be voiced at all other than some "Aargh!" and heavy breathing here and there. 

Why is this a good thing? Well, first of all, it allows Bethesda to have a larger number of dialogue options, which opens up the dialogue branching in a big way. Remember Fallout 4's disappointing dialogue options? Well, a voiced protagonist is one of the reasons why that turned out the way it did. 

Bethesda Starfield Starfield


Secondly, it allows you, the player to immerse yourself in the story and the world, it allows you to play your own story and not someone else's who doesn't even sound like you. You want to play a sci-fi explorer version of yourself, can't do that when someone is there, pretending to be you. 

All in all, we're certain that Bethesda Game Studios fans will be happy with this choice. Many have been pretty vocal about this (quite the irony) ever since Bethesda started experimenting with a voiced protagonist in Fallout 4 so it's good too see that the legendary developers are back on the right track.

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