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Sea of Thieves getting a full game update today, will fix access issues and performance

Published: 20:49, 27 March 2018
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Sea Of Thieves

Sea of Thieves hasn't had the smoothest of voyages since launch but Rare is setting a golden example in transparency. In the new Dev Update video, Rare announced a Sea of Thieves full game update, which fixes most issues plaguing the game.

The video has Rare's commander in chief Craig Duncan and Sea of Thieves executive producer Joe Neate return to discuss the progress Rare has made in addressing initial bumps in the road. Yeah, bumps in the sea, whatever.

The guys announced that Sea of Thieves will receive its first full update today, 27 March 2018, bringing "a wide array of fixes across (their) services, stability and game experience."

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First among the Sea of Thieves issues are delayed player rewards that, although reportedly much less frequent, are still not fully fixed. However, certain isolated incidents are still being reported, even if the bulk of these were from the game's first days.

As for delayed achievements in Sea of Thieves, the devs said that it has been the most asked question but that it was a conscious decision, so Rare could dedicate resources elsewhere.

However, Rare has been monitoring them and the data is there, ready to be implemented. So, expect your Sea of Thieves achievements to be popping up after today's update.

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Sea of Thieves' access issues during peak hours have perhaps been the most prominent issue but Rare say that most of them have been addressed. Duncan and Neate did say that there are still some isolated occurrences, but the problem has been fixed for the most part.

Apparently, there have been issues with certain Sea of Thieves characters changing appearance, such as peculiarly coloured scars or hair. However, Neate noted that there's a fix for this in today's Sea of Thieves update so that it doesn't happen in the future.

With Sea of Thieves popularity , problems are bound to follow, but Rare's transparency while addressing the issue has been admirable, to say the least. The game's servers are down for maintenance and the update is being applied as we speak, so get ready to be sailing into the updated seas mateys.

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