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Sea of Thieves update Vaults of the Ancients adding dogs, new voyage

Published: 12:11, 03 September 2020
Sea of Thieves treasure chest
Sea of Thieves: Vaults of the Ancients

Rare have already revealed that doggies are coming to Sea of Thieves, but there's much more coming in the game's upcoming update called Vaults of the Ancients.

Vaults of the Ancients releases on September 9, 2020, and it owes its name to the underlying story, of course. Following the events of the Shores of Gold, the Gold Hoarders needed a place to stash their overflowing aurum, so they used ancient vaults. 

This is where Sea of Thieves players come in, as the Gold Hoarders' fears result in players being contracted to recover all the keys to the aforementioned vaults. Now, when we say recover, it doesn't necessarily mean you need to return them. 

In fact, it sounds like this is where the real fun is - not only are they full of treasures, they hold progressively more valuable stuff between progressively more difficult tasks. Finding medallions in the vault, which is apparently on a timer, lets you unlock the really good stuff that your employer would rather you don't find. 

As one of the Sea of Thieves developers says in the video - we are pirates after all - so the option of double-crossing the Gold Hoarders sounds infinitely more fun. Or maybe it's just us?

Rare are also introducing mysterious notes, which are basically an in-game notification system that lets players know of in-game events, profitable voyage opportunities, world dynamics and other activities, and all that without breaking the immersion. 

Pooch lovers should be delighted with the Vault of the Ancients update, as it also adds dogs to Sea of Thieves. There's no doubt you can pet them, but they do some other dog stuff you might not like too. 

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Sea of Thieves
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