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Latest Sea of Thieves update will require a re-download

Published: 14:18, 17 January 2019
Updated: 15:33, 19 January 2022
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Microsoft's pirate game Sea of Thieves will get install size update which is scheduled for 06 February 2019. The update will greatly reduce install size but will also require players to re-download the entire game again on all platforms.

Rare's latest info on the upcoming Sea of Thieves update may leave players with mixed feelings as they will have to redownload the entire game again. The install size update is the result of Rare's work on Sea of Thieves' install and patch process and it will greatly reduce the game size.

On PC, Sea of Thieves will now weight 20 GB less which is to be fair a pretty big change. At the moment the game size is 47 GB which will get reduced to 27 GB once the update goes live. The Xbox One X version will see an even bigger change as the game size will drop from 47 GB to 25 GB. 

Lastly, Sea on Thieves on Xbox One will go from 35 GB to 10GB which is the biggest size change of the three platforms.

The update will be larger than the standard updates for Sea of Thieves but Rare's Executive Producer Joe Neate says that this will allow the team to better manage future content. Following patch sizes will be slightly bigger but the benefit is that the game's size won't increase significantly.

Rare will now be able to "quickly generate and transfer builds" which will improve various areas of their development process including how quickly they can create and ship builds to players.

Without the change, install size would continue to increase taking up more and more of hard drive space. "This is an improvement to our process that will benefit everyone from this point onwards," Neate explained.

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Additionally, Neate mentioned anti-cheating measures in the developer video. After looking at their own data and some player reports Rare took the steps to ban a "small number of players" who were cheating.

Rare will continue to monitor the game for cheaters and Neate asked players to stop cheating as the developer will find everyone who does it and permanently ban their account.

You can check the developer video on Sea of Thieves YouTube .

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