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Sea of Thieves gets new Voyage, combat balancing and bunch more

Published: 17:56, 07 February 2019
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Sea Of Thieves

As promised, Rare have rolled out the new update to their swashbuckling adventure Sea of Thieves, adding a new Mercenary Voyage, a bunch of combat balancing improvements, performance tweaks and decreases the game's footprint by 20GB.

This means that Sea of Thieves will require 10GB for Xbox One, while PC and Xbox One S owners will need 27GB. Although this will require you to re-download the game, the game's producer Joe Neate mentioned that it will make updates much easier down the line.

Sea of Thieves is getting a "lucrative voyage" called Mercenary Voyage of the Rum Runner, which just in time to give incoming players something to do, most notably those coming in for the free week, courtesy of the campaign.

Players can head over to the tavern and find Duke, who'll propose to sell them the voyage for five doubloons. It can be re-purchased and re-done as many times you'd like, while completing it will earn you the commendation Loyal to the Coin and 50 doubloons. Completing the voyage also lets you buy Mercenary Sail, Hull and Flag for a limited time.

Rare seem to have gone all out on this update as it introduces a bunch of combat balancing tweaks to Sea of Thieves, such as double gun switching, which will introduce a slight delay in between the weapons. The company also implemented a more fluid swordplay experience, with misses no longer being so detrimental.

They also reduced accuracy when hip-firing Eye of Reach, removed knockback of enemies when firing weapons other than Blunderbuss and Cutlass, did some reload improvements, bullet speed tweaking, removal of damage fallof and a slight decrease in the damage inflicted by Eye of Reach.

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That's barely all as there's a host of smaller changes and tweaks, including a bunch of performance-related ones and even some improvements aimed at teaching new players the ropes, so we guess that Sea of Thieves players shouldn't really mind the re-download.

You can find the full Sea of Thieves patch notes on the game's official website over .

Sea of Thieves, Rare's swashbuckling adventure

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Sea of Thieves
Rare's Sea of Thieves promises serious fun in a meticulously crafted world.

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