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SCUM releases vehicle and sentry reworks

Published: 23:13, 30 April 2020

Gamepires released a new update for SCUM, addressing some concerns regarding the ever tenacious sentry while also bringing realism to the vehicles in the game.

SCUM players already know it's all about that juicy realism but there were some outliers to this rule. Vehicles were one, with their unlimited fuel and battery. Gamepires decided to put an end to that and bring realism in its regular appearance as well as the goofy glory.

First of all, the cars will now spend fuel whenever they are running and they will consume more at higher RPM and heavier loads. On the flip side, stepping off the gas pedal and using the car momentum can conserve fuel. Keep in mind that the rate of consumption also depends on the type of vehicle.

Refuelling a vehicle can be done in more than one way. Gas stations will be resupplied regularly and players can drive there to get the juice. Alternatively, if they run out of fuel or want to keep the car out of sight, they can grab 20 litre canisters and fill them with gas, which can later be poured into the car.

The third and the funniest way to get fuel is to stay true to the game's name and be the scum that steals it from other people's vehicles. You will need canisters here too.

Keeping up with realism, SCUM mechanics mandate that car battery will drain slowly when idling but it will be charged while the vehicle is running. The higher the RPM the higher the rate of charging.

Meanwhile, the sentry has received a few changes. It will no longer immediately spot players and when it does suspect one is around, it will start investigating. Players can deduce the sentry's attitude by the colour of its lights, as seen on the video above.

Furthermore, it will now give the players an option to comply with its commands, letting them leave the area unharmed of they do so. It remains to be seen if we will get a 20-second countdown to follow the instructions.

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