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New SCUM update to tackle player teleporting and respawn issues

Published: 14:42, 05 March 2019
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Gamepires revealed their next patch in the latest SCUM development update. According to the developer, storing items in various places can cause server clogs which result in teleporting, headshot missing and abnormal zombies behaviour bugs.

SCUM is set for another batch of bug fixes later this week, and this time, the developer Gamepires are working on solutions to storing items system and problems that can occur if players store items in objects that are not their chest.

According to the development update on Steam, Gamepires found out that this behaviour can clog the servers, causing some serious performance issues. To tackle the problem, the devs are planning to temporarily disable the item storing in anything that is not a chest.

One of the biggest issues that can occur once players store a huge number of items in various places such as bushes, broken vehicles, boxes and shelves include random player teleporting. 

Furthermore, players also reported teleporting cars, bugs that make players and vehicles fall through the ground, vaulting and respawning issues, abnormal zombies behaviour and headshot misses which should result in a hit.

Gamepires say they're not removing the item storing system entirely, and that as soon as they find a long-term solution, the feature will be back with additional improvements. They also mentioned that players who use various places for item storing should transfer these items to a crafted chest or their car if they don't want to lose their belongings.

The upcoming patch will also include a new building and weapons as well as some additional, minor optimisations.

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Earlier in February 2019, Gamepires shared a three-month roadmap which revealed new vehicle models, rework of vehicle damage system, base building feature and new locations among other things. 

The developers are also working on a complete overhaul of inventory and UI systems and reworks to some of the skills. More "spicy news" about the new additions is expected pretty soon.

You can read more about the upcoming patch on page, and find more details on a three-month roadmap .

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