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SCUM getting new cities, vehicles as well as few new locations

Published: 17:19, 19 August 2019

In a lengthy development update, the kind that Gamepires admit they haven't done in a while, SCUM's developer revealed a bunch of goodies coming to their trusted SCUMmunity, like cities, a couple of new vehicles, few new locations and more.

The first part of SCUM's development update is reserved for cities, and Gamepires didn't waste any words - they simply shared the screenshots. You can find a bunch of them in our gallery, while the few we didn't include can be found in the link provided below.

It doesn't take a geography expert to see what sort of cities they modelled their SCUM locations after, and all you need to do is check where the jolly Gamepires bunch hail from. Hint - Croteam.

As for the vehicles, the first up is the defender of bad yields and spreader of filthy seeds - the Tractor. Gamepires said they'll make sure you can do awesome things with it, which we assume will go beyond agriculture.

The second SCUM vehicle is the dirt bike, although Gamepires seem to be conflicted as to whether it'll support fancy jumps, but c'mon - there have to be fancy jumps. No idea whether you'll get anything for them though, other than perhaps a bad back.

As for more player-oriented updates, Gamepires seem to have added some sort of restraints to hold players captive, although they named them "bondage" in their traditional half-serious style. They're also finishing up the sitting and laying animations, which will be on display when you're looking to gain stamina and health faster.

One of the new locations is the antenna, which you can see in the gallery below, and it's actually been modelled by a . Another new location is the large, deserted airfield, although SCUM's developer added the "or is it?" part, so it may not be an airfield. Even though it looks like one. 

Gamepires SCUM

Last but not least are the changes to SCUM's UI, which are aimed at your "underwater endeavours", and will make it easier to gauge your air status when diving.

Gamepires SCUM

Unfortunately, SCUM will be skipping on the weekly update this week, but there's plenty to keep you going.

Gamepires SCUM

You can find the update with some added SCUMmunity Q&A hilarity on the game's .

SCUM, 19 August 2019 dev update, new vehicles, cities, etc.

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