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SCUM update adds plenty of new weapons

Published: 00:37, 13 July 2022

Gamepires pushed another update to SCUM, introducing a whole load of new weapons, including the highly interesting VHS.

SCUM updates keep on rolling out like there is no tomorrow and the latest one brought a bunch of new weapons, including the ones from the developers' homeland, Croatia.

The one that will probably be the main head-turner is VHS-2, the versatile bullpup assault rifle that is based on the French FAMAS platform. That said, VHS-2 has its own quirks and has certainly carved out a niche that will have players drooling in hopes of getting their hands on one. They come in two versions - one with the optics rail and the other with an integrated red dot scope.

As far as the rest of HS Produkt lineup goes, there is the VHS-BG, a 40mm grenade launcher as well as the two sidearms - HS9 and SF19, with the former being able to hold just 13 bullets in the mag due to its compactness while the latter can stick up to 19.

Two sniper rifles have been added and shooter fans will know these already. AWM and AWP are both bringing new calibers to the game, with .338 for the former and .308 for the latter. 

Hunter 22 has been updated to look and perform better now with a 12-round magazine while the newcomer Hunter Carbon hits harder as it's chambered in 30-06.

Finally, there is the improvised grenade launcher that will not win any beauty contests but it will blow up things just fine. Hey, as long as it works! 

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