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SCUM getting new vehicle, base building and a metabolism rework

Published: 16:27, 19 February 2019
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Gamepires confirmed that a major metabolism and cooking skill rework is coming to SCUM sometime in the next three months. Along with that, SCUM will get a base building feature and a whole new city. Female characters are postponed though.

Scum's coastal Croatia is set to become a busy place in the next few months according to the latest roadmap update from Gamepires. The roadmap reveals planned content additions and improvements to some already existing features.

A new vehicle model is first on the list. As seen in the picture above, Gamepires are adding a new pickup truck model but they are also working on improving car physics. At the moment, driving mechanics in Scum are a bit basic and the developers are going to try and push more towards realism.

Vehicles will also get a complete rework to their damage system, meaning that a car will react differently depending on whether you shot at its tire or the engine. If it happens that other Scumbags damage your car, there will be a repair feature. Driving the vehicles will improve a driving skill which will tie into the driving realism features.

The second batch of improvements is aimed at the inventory and UI systems. Gamepires said that the current inventory looks "clunky and unintuitive" and that's why they are looking to introduce some changes in the next three months. They didn't share any images of the new design but they have mentioned that you’ll be able to stack and rotate items.

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Another major addition coming to Scum is the base building. Gamepires explained that the initial version will be pretty basic - you'll be able to build a base using blueprints in the same way you build shelters. The devs are currently working on various building models that players will get to turn into their homes.

On top of that, Scum's map will become diversify with new buildings - a quarry, mine, mental hospital, an old castle, salt mine and an observatory. These will need a new spot on the map and that's why Gamepires are adding a whole new city.

In addition to these features, the cooking skill and metabolism are getting reworked, archery and RPGs are currently being finalised while there is also a small mention of first missions and objectives.

You can check the 3-month for more detailed info on the upcoming Scum content.

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