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Latest SCUM update comes with tons of bug and exploit fixes

Published: 17:13, 25 January 2019
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The latest Scum patch fixes inventory and vehicle spawning bugs and introduces the option to push cars. New balance adjustments will reduce the weight of some items while the quality of life changes include new icons for crafting materials.

Gamepires' latest update for Scum won't feature any major additions in terms of content, as the devs focused on various bugs, exploits and server optimisation instead.

One of the most annoying bugs was the absurd amount of AI noise, which occurred when players dropped their backpack on the ground or put items in a full backpack. It wouldn't be such a big deal if the noise didn't attract puppets to the player's position.

Fortunately, Gamepires have addressed the issue and Scumbags are now safe to manage their inventory without having to worry about being eaten.

Additionally, Gamepires fixed a bug which would stop vehicle spawning on some servers, while a bug where grenades did not collide with cars has also been addressed.

Speaking about cars, the update will introduce the ability to push cars which can come in handy when you're stuck or just can't enter the vehicle for some reason.

Gamepires mentioned that this feature is currently in the early, experimental phase and it only works if no one is in the vehicle. Also, the developers addressed the issue where visual effects such as blur, colour saturation when health is low wouldn't work when inside the vehicle.

There's also a lot of balance and quality of life changes. The rarity for Christmas items has been reduced while Vitamins won't get destroyed once you consume all uses. For lockpickers, there's a new bobby pin item which can be used to craft lockpicks.

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Exploits which allowed players to craft torches and stews, and eat pastry for an infinite amount of time have been fixed.

The update is supposed to bring 30 per cent better server performance, less lag and improved stability while client optimisations have been made to improve the game's performance. 

Minor improvements to the anti-cheat system have been done while new admin commands will allow players to see the list of spawned vehicles, as well as destroy and teleport to them.

For a closer look at all changes, check the full patch notes on Scum .

SCUM, survival battle royale by Gamepires and Croteam

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