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Scum update adds fortifications, snow and Willy Warmer

Published: 20:42, 21 December 2018
picture showing nature in Scum game
Winter has arrived

Early access hardcore survival game Scum has received a proper holiday makeover in its latest update. Patch also brings fortifications, snow sledges, new emote, bug fixes and a bunch of other quality of life and anti-cheat improvements.

Gamepires have dropped a new update for SCUM which brings many new additions and improvements to coastal Croatia. One of them is the first version of the fortification system which will finally allow the players to have their own homes. To get yourself a nice and cozy place during the winter, you'll have to find a house and once you approach a door you'll get the option to buy and put locks on them.

There are three types of locks for now - Basic, Medium and Advance and they cost fame points. You can put up to three locks on one door to make life harder for those who try to rob your place. Teammates will be able to enter without any restrictions and if you ever stumble upon someone else's home, a screwdriver, lockpick or improvised lockpick are needed to break into the house.

For further security, the developers added three levels of fortifications and they are Basic which has 25 health, Medium with 50 health and Advanced - the toughest one with 100 health. These fortifications can be built on windows to stop opponents from vaulting into your home.

Gamepires picture showing wooden fence Three levels of fortification

Along with the building stuff, Scum island is now totally covered in snow and we would love it if Gamepires added a permanent snow-only server for those who prefer winter landscapes. Also, players will be able to make snowballs and have snowball fights, make snowmen and wrap gifts and ride snow sleds.

A new heart emote has been included and the award for the oddest addition will go to Willy Warmer item. The name says it all really, and the less we talk about it the better. 

The new update also brings a bunch of bug fixes and quality of life improvements and you can find the full patch notes on Scum's .

SCUM, survival battle royale by Gamepires and Croteam

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