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Scorn: Were our standards too high for the freshly released horror?

Published: 10:47, 15 October 2022
Scorn, the newest horror game to be released

Scorn had its official release on the 14th of October and the fans are torn between whether or not they like the content they got vs. the content they were promised.  Did Ebb Software bite more than they can chew?

Scorn developers, Ebb Software , describe the game to be a gruesome, nightmarish world that leads the player on a path of self-discovery through puzzles and labyrinths. Of course, as the trend of "make the right call or everything will go south" is becoming more and more popular, every choice you make will impact the ending you get (or will it).

The game offers visuals inspired by  H.R. Giger to some extent. The animations might not be something those with a weak stomach would enjoy, but that being said, those animations are all you will see and it does become monotonous down the line.

Upon release, the game promised some interesting features which had the community at the edge of their seats. 

  • An Ancient Alien World. A visually impactful world walled with flesh and chitin, vast spaces populated by strange characters and the desolate, haunting imagery that populates Scorn’s world.
  • Full Immersion. Experience total immersion in Scorn’s dream-like world with total body awareness.
  • Discover Devious Puzzles. Use various items and skills to work through puzzles with unclear consequences and progress through Scorn. 
  • Pick Your Fights. With only three weapons to defend yourself with and a limited supply of ammunition, every fight in Scorn needs to be approached with resources in mind. 

Scorn Very nice attention to the details

The true fans of Ebb Software were quick to show their dissatisfaction as the game they were promised is not the game they got. 

The game is currently sold at a price of a whopping 39.99$/€ for the Standard edition, and 49.99$/€ for the Deluxe edition. While this price is reasonable for a game that has been anticipated since 2014, the fans are gutted (hehe get it) by the discovery that the game is less than 7 hours long.

With around 7 hours of gameplay, the community is disappointed with the fact that they are left questioning the story behind parts of the game, and never getting any answers or explanations in return.

The whole "decision-based" ending was completely discarded as the players are forced to make certain decisions and choices if they want to progress in the game. The ending is the same no matter what you wanted to do, and it simply was not good enough for the fans.

One thing the community seemed to agree on was the atmosphere and graphics being the game's biggest strong point, but not enough to justify the game's 40$ price tag. 

If you enjoy easy fights, gruesome scenarios that overuse every trick in the book to the point where you are no longer affected by it, puzzles with the only difficulty being the inability to backtrack due to the level design not providing any means of navigation and a story with the potential to be good but lacking all of the important clues to complete it, then Scorn is the game for you.


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