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Hunt Showdown Update 1.10: Stalker Beetle and Audio fixes

Published: 08:08, 14 October 2022
Hunt: Showdown - The Assasin
Hunt: Showdown - The Assasin

Hunt: Showdown has released Update 1.10 and it came with some very nice changes. A new consumable item has been introduced alongside audio fixes that are going to be massive QoL improvements. 

Crytek introduces the Stalker Beetle as the new flying character with the newest update for Hunt: Showdown. It is spawned and activated as a consumable, unlocked at Bloodline Rank 15 and costs $45.

Hunt: Showdown 's Stalker Beetle is activated by being thrown just like a dynamite stick or a decoy. Throwing the Beetle puts the player into the Beetle's camera view. 

While the Beetle is alive, the Hunter cannot move. The Beetle’s camera is permanently using Dark Sight, but with a slightly increased view distance.

The Beetle’s Dark Sight will not consume Dark Sight Boost the Hunter might have and does not highlight enemy Hunters.

The Beetle has two control schemes: 

  • Default: Movement input applies only horizontally. Altitude can be changed via analogue triggers (controller) or dedicated buttons (keyboard).
  • Relative: Movement input applies relative to the camera and changes altitude depending on orientation. Altitude controls can be used for additional adjustments.

Stalker Beetles cannot land but they can be deactivated to return to the ground or detonated to cause a small explosion. Another way to deactivate them is by the  Hunter receiving damage. 

The Player returns to their own perspective after deactivating the Beetle. Any Player can pick up a deactivated Stalker Beetle on the ground. 

The explosion will cause 5 damage to Hunters, applies Poison, applies Medium Bleeding, and destroys objects in its radius, aside from that, objects like traps and cranks will be triggered. 

Hunt: Showdown Hunt: Showdown's Cicada Hunt: Showdown's Cicada

The Beetle has a range of 150m. When it leaves this range, an “Out of Range” warning will be displayed with a 10-second countdown. The Beetle will be deactivated if the 10s expires while still out of range. 

The Stalker Beetle will be destroyed with a single bullet or melee attack. When killed, there is no explosion, and it is no longer able to be picked up. Other Players can Ping from the Beetle’s perspective.

Traits: Three traits have been updated at this time to include the Stalker Beetle. The effects of Blade Seer, Poison Sense, and Vigilant will also apply in the Stalker Beetle’s sight. 

Proximity Warnings: Stalker Beetles will trigger all warning effects, as a Hunter would. This includes red clue warnings, boss whisper warnings, and extraction warnings. Additionally, enemy Stalker Beetles will show up as a small orange visual effect in Boosted Dark Sight. The Stalker Beetle cannot block the extraction timer when close to extraction points. 

Crytek Hunt: Showdown Update 1.10 Banner with the Stalker Beetle Hunt: Showdown Update 1.10 Banner with the Stalker Beetle

Audio: While flying, Stalker Beetles produce a new, unique sound that is linked to their velocity. The faster the Beetle is flying, the louder the sound. Beetles should be able to disguise their presence in gun fights but be heard when the environment is quieter.

Environment: Stalker Beetles interact with the environment as if they are a Hunter. They will startle close-by monsters, make noise on hanging chains (and any other prop they touch), startle crows and horses, and trigger traps they touch (killing the Beetle).

Audio Changes

Previously, sounds that were produced underground were completely muffled, even close to an entry. The new system introduces a more realistic approach and will take the distance to the underground entry into account and adjust the levels of muffling accordingly. 

All sounds (including gunshots and explosions) will be inaudible outside of the underground above 150m. This applies in the reverse as well; all sounds produced outside the underground are muted above 150m.


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