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Street Fighter V's roster expands with Sagat and G

Published: 13:44, 06 August 2018
Picture of G in Street Fighter V striking a pose like Uncle Sam
Street Fighter V - G

Capcom have released two trailers showing the new additions to Street Fighter V's roster - Sagat and G. While everyone knows Sagat, G is a mystery to Street Fighter fans as this is his first appearance as the president of the world.

Self-styled president of the world, G, is best described as a mashup of Abraham Lincoln and Uncle Sam, taking a few features from each of them. For example, his height and facial features remind of Lincoln, but light hair and what seems to be a victory pose lean in Uncle Sam's direction.

Other than that, he doesn't seem to be content with being a president of just one country as he strives to unify the world. His means are in line with current trends, as he spreads his message through social media. While initially not so successful, the message became viral after amplify it.

You may have noticed the tattoo-like golden features on his body and while it's unknown what material they are made of, it's been determined that they represent a map of the world. You can see North and South America on his right arm while he is doing Uncle Sam's "I want you!" pose.

Meanwhile, Sagat is a more familiar member of the Street Fighter universe and he seems as powerful as ever. He retains his massive size which should help him with zone control and his tiger theme is still going strong. Both Tiger Uppercut and Tiger Knee are making appearances again.

He will have three costumes, which are mostly just different colours for his shorts, with his story costume featuring a bandana instead of an eyepatch. The battle costume looks like he just came back from a vacation in Hawaii and his nostalgia costume is the Muay Thai themed outfit with blue shorts we all know him for.

Each fighter will cost $5,99 or 100.000 Fight Money, while Season 3 character pass owners will have them unlocked immediately. Both characters are available as of 06 August 2018.

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