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Capcom announces Rose release date for SFV: Champion Edition

Published: 02:11, 08 April 2021
Street Fighter V - Rose
Street Fighter V - Rose

Capcom announced when Rose will be joining the rest of Street Fighter V roster and also unveiled another glimpse into her gameplay, which includes some new moves.

Street Fighter's fortune teller, Rose, is coming to SFV: Champion Edition on April 19, 2021.

As Capcom noted, there are a few new moves she will use, compared to her previous appearances, offering deeper gameplay than ever before. 

Her V-Skill I is called Soul Fortune and it will cause the fighter to pull a tarot card that can buff herself or debuff the enemy. You can figure out which card will be pulled by the icon next to the V-Gauge bar.

One important part to remember is that the debuff cards will count as projectiles and can be blocked but that doesn't prevent the debuff from being applied. There are two cards to watch out for, the green one will decrease the opponent's damage while the purple one will increase chip and grey life damage they take.

Rose's V-Trigger I is called Soul Dimension and will teleport her to one of the three preset spots on the screen. She can cancel the teleport by most special moves and it will allow for countless combos by creative players.

Even out of the fight, Rose is bringing something new to the table. She will throw a tarot card as the numbers pop up at the victory screen and the card will not always be the same one. It appears that the players will have to discover this on their own when the new fighter joins the roster later this month.

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