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Street Fighter V announces Luke, seemingly an MMA fighter

Published: 09:57, 05 August 2021
Updated: 15:07, 05 August 2021
Street Fighter V - Luke, the last new character
Street Fighter V - Luke, the last new character

Capcom offered a peek into the future of Street Fighter and the new character, Luke, might be exactly that.

Street Fighter V's live service support is coming to an end, with the last few DLC characters now being well in the works. Oro and Akira will be arriving shortly and the last one on the list, Luke, is due for release in November 2021.

He was also revealed recently as the character was kept a mystery for a long time. Fans are now speculating the reason for this is that Luke is a character meant for Street Fighter 6 and his addition to SFV is some sort of a teaser.

Anyway, his fighting style was not clearly defined in the trailer, seen below, but some of the movements are reminiscent of MMA fighters, which could be another possible play on the phrase "future of Street Fighter".

Luke appears to have a strong connection to one of the existing SF characters and the popular theory at the moment is that he's Guile's son, given the character's youthful look, blonde hair and tattoos resembling what are presumed to be USA's stars.

Another detail the fans noticed is that Luke seems to have mechanical arms even though their appearance doesn't initially show as much. At 0:49 in the video, you can see Luke's forearms heating up for a series of powered punches.

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