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Street Fighter V teases Akira Kazama

Published: 01:46, 08 April 2021
Street Fighter V - Akira Kazama
Street Fighter V - Akira Kazama

Capcom updated the Street Fighter V fans with a bunch of information recently and topped it off with a cherry by announcing a crossover fighter, Akira Kazama.

Akira Kazama is not your typical Street Fighter character since she hails from the Rival Schools series. Furthermore, she is not exactly close to release since Rose and Oro are the first two in line.

Akira is keeping in the spirit of Rival Schools with a few of her traits. For example, one of her V-Triggers features a cameo from her brother, Daigo Kazama. In case you're wondering, there is no relation between the character and Daigo Umehara, who is responsible for the fabled EVO moment #37.

Instead, Daigo's appearance is a nod to the way Rival Schools worked since characters would often team up to beat the snot out of their opponent through various moves you could pull off.

Besides tag-teaming, Akira is also proficient in creating mid-air combos, another trait she draws from the Rival Schools roots. Other than that, Capcom didn't reveal that much about the character but the good news is that they posted a proper gameplay trailer for her, which you can check out below.

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