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Street Fighter V offers more insight about Oro

Published: 13:44, 08 April 2021
Street Fighter V - Oro
Street Fighter V - Oro

Oro is returning to Street Fighter after Rose and Capcom revealed what the overpowered martial arts master has in store for us.

Oro last appeared in Street Fighter III and he is finally coming back in SFV: Champion Edition. The ancient martial arts master is no longer hiding one of his arms but still appears to utilise only one in combat, on the account of not wanting to go overboard and accidentally killing his opponents. Instead, he will be holding his pet turtle there so let's hope someone evil doesn't hurt it in the process.

One of Oro's signature moves where he leaps into the air and attacks the enemy. This one can be used as both a means to dodge low attacks as well as hitting the opponents with a swift kick, of sorts. 

He also sports Onibi, a fireball projectile that can go through opponents' projectiles and still hit the enemy. Furthermore, it will bounce off the screen bounds so it's great for applying pressure and tricky to deal with for his opponents. The tradeoff is that it has a windup time that can be exploited.

If you were wondering whether Oro will once again get to slam opponents into the ground, Hulk style , you are in luck. Oro will need to activate his V-Trigger for this but the payoff is totally worth it.

There is currently no exact release date for Oro but Capcom noted he will join the roster during Summer 2021 .

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