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Street Fighter V announces Dan, Rose, Oro and Akira as new characters

Published: 05:11, 06 August 2020
Street Fighter V - Summer Update
Street Fighter V - Summer Update

Street Fighter V Champion Edition will get expanded by five new characters throughout 2020 and 2021 but only four of them have been revealed so far.

Street Fighter V Summer Update video, seen below, provided more details on the upcoming characters, stages and other new content for the fifth season of the game which will also be the final one.

Capcom's devs introduced Dan, Rose, Oro and Akira while also announcing one mystery character which will be revealed later this year. The announced four are currently in production so more details might surface along the way with actual gameplay footage and in-progress images.

Long time fans of Street Fighter series are well acquainted with Dan, the comic relief that is supposed to taunt and boast his way onto the stage. His attire and initial demeanour are highly reminiscent of Ryu and Ken, who were his training partners but this character decided to go with his own style, named Saikyo-ryu, which literally means "strongest style". He will be released during winter 2020.

Rose is another character that appeared in SFV IV with a stint in Alpha series as well. She is using her tarot cards as weapons and will channel her Soul Power once again. The fortune-teller is set to release after Dan, during spring 2021.

Oro is a face we didn't see for a long time as he last appeared in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. He is an ancient martial artist that fights with only one hand out of fear of hurting his opponent but that doesn't mean they will get off easy with the immortal grandpa. Oro will release after Rose, during summer 2021.

Akira is a guest character that has appeared in Capcom's Rival Schools: United by Fate previously. She will make a debut during summer 2021 meaning the period will be very busy for SFV.

Besides the four announced character, there will be one more which is set to release more than a year from now - during autumn 2021. Devs didn't provide info on this fighter though.

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