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Rainbow Six Siege: Doktor's Curse is back!

Published: 09:11, 13 October 2022
Doktor's curse is back!
Doktor's curse is back!

What better way to celebrate the spooky-scary season than with a fan-favourite curse making a return with an updated roster and fresh fits? Doktor's Curse is back on Rainbow Six Siege on the witchiest night of October.

As Halloween approaches, Ubisoft is letting the Rainbow Six Siege operators play dress-up and put on their best-looking costumes. Halloween is the only time of the year when you willingly let a doctor chase you through a theme park. Doctors Curse is back and the event is going live on the 13th of October!

The monsters joining the costume party will be Azami , Gridlock, Nomad, Thorn on the hiding team and Oryx on the seeking team. With each of them, a set of freshly decomposed skins to highlight their ghoulish beauty.

Players who log in during the event will be granted a free Doktor’s Curse Collection pack containing a creepy cosmetic item to start the spooky season off right.

The Hide and Seek game mode is an asymmetrical showdown between Hunters and Monsters. The Hunters are equipped with a morningstar functioning similarly to that of  Sledge 's hammer with the purpose of eliminating the monsters. All of the hunters have a tracking gadget to help them seek. 

The Monsters have their original trap gadgets to use against the Hunters, as well as the Nightstride ability, granting them invisibility and increased speed for a limited time to help hide.

Ubisoft The pirate is Gridlock btw The pirate is Gridlock btw

 Either team can win by eliminating the other,  or the monsters can be boring and stay hidden till the timer runs out (or use the vending machine and be that player).

Don't forget to do the battle pass challenges as they will reward you with free cosmetics packs upon completion.


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