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Starfield will be less linear than previous Bethesda games; focuses on player exploration

Published: 15:53, 16 March 2022
Starfield concept art
Starfield concept art

Bethesda have shared a new dev video where they revealed new details about their highly-anticipated sci-fi RPG Starfield.

Today we got a brand new Starfield developer video from Bethesda, where the team have shared new details about their approach to the design and some of the differences between Starfield and previous Bethesda titles such as Skyrim.

The team says that the goal was to allow players to choose their own path in the game and allow them to explore and discover things on their own. Starfield will also be less linear than previous Bethesda games. 

Bethesda's Todd Howard says they didn't want to be the ones to tell the player where to go next.

Starfield Concept Art Starfield Concept Art

 Players will get to choose their own background which will affect the story and characters. It's also confirmed that players will be able to join the bandit-like faction The Crimson Fleet.

 We also got to see a small glimpse of gameplay. You can check that out in the video above at 3:33. 

The video runs for over five minutes but we recommend you watch it for additional details, you won't be disappointed. 

Unfortunately, there's still no full-fledged gameplay footage of the game, which some players may see as something to be worried about since Starfield is out in November 2022 but Bethesda and Todd Howard promised we'll see more this summer, potentially at Xbox's big summer games showcase in June.

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