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Starfield dev diary offers first details on the game's factions

Published: 01:01, 17 March 2022

Bethesda offered another look into the intricacies of Starfield and showed some highlights of the various factions we will come across in the game.

Many a Bethesda game features numerous factions that make the world come to life through various interactions. Sometimes it's a misguided effort in which a king ends up dead and sometimes it's kooks under a church trying to liberate a vending machine. These factions' interaction is what makes the worlds of Elder Scrolls and Fallout series so engaging and it appears Starfield will be no different.

In a developer diary, some of the shot callers grouped up to show us what the factions in Starfield will look like. There are three primary groups we need to be on the lookout for - United Colonies, Free Star Collective and cyberpunk dudes.

United Colonies is the futuristic space republic that looks and sounds a lot like the Republic from the Star Wars series. Considering the setting of Star Wars and Starfield is not that far off, this might be a homage.

Freestar Collective are basically the space cowboys. If you hated showrunners for cancelling Firefly, this might be your opportunity to craft a somewhat similar story.

Finally, there is the Ryujin Industries that represents corporate life and is what brings the cyberpunk setting to space.

Based on the wording, it's hinted that we will have different starting points and these three factions will offer just that, along with the fourth one that throws in a bit of space piracy.

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