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PUBG adds FAMAS in latest update

Published: 13:41, 09 March 2023
PUBG - FAMAS showcase
PUBG - FAMAS showcase

PUBG added a fan-favourite assault rifle that was popularised a long time ago when we prowled Shadow Moses in a different title.

French-made FAMAS is an assault rifle highly proficient in spitting lead out as fast as possible but it wasn't that neat feature that made it extremely popular with gamers.

Instead, it was Metal Gear Solid at the turn of the millennium even though it was often ill-advised to go all Rambo with it in the game. 

Krafton will not prevent you from living out your FAMAS fantasies in PUBG on March 15 for PC or March 23 for consoles though. In fact, you are encouraged to make the best use of it if you want to see some chicken dinners.

Highly versatile and fairly powerful, the weapon spawns only in care packages, secret rooms, lab camps, supply drops and pillar boxes but it is available on every map.

FAMAS fact sheet
Ammo 5.56
Damage per shot 39
Effective range 400 meters
Rate of fire 900 RPM
Availability Normal, Ranked, Training, Team Deathmatch, Custom (not in Esports Mode), Sandbox

Other assault rifles have been adjusted so if the stats for FAMAS look somewhat lacklustre, it won't actually fall behind.

AUG and M416 lost one damage per bullet while having a lower fire rate than the French bullpup. Meanwhile, M16 and Mutant will have their fire rate bumped to 800 RPM with the patch which should produce some interesting results.

PUBG update 22.2 is coming to PC on March 15 and consoles on March 23, 2023.


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