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PUBG PGS2 EMEA Qualifiers: registration, date, schedule and other details

Published: 08:19, 31 May 2023
PUBG - PGS2 EMEA open qualifiers promo image
PUBG - PGS2 EMEA open qualifiers promo image

PGS2 EMEA Qualifiers now have all the juicy details an esports lover might want so here is the what, when and how for the tournament, all in one article.

Krafton announced that PUBG esports continues with PGS2 EMEA Qualifiers, which will be running from June 12 to 17 and June 29 to July 9, 2023.

The first part will be the Open Qualifiers while the second is the "real" tournament that will count towards getting teams closer to PUBG Global Championship later in the year.

Registration for the Open Qualifiers is live until June 11 for Europe and June 13 for Middle East and Asia.

Open Qualifiers, from June 12 to 17, are open for all EMEA teams, which is a bit weird since MEA teams can register up until June 13 but they will probably compete with each other during the later half of the event. OQ will not be broadcast in official capacity.

PGS 2 EMEA Qualifiers will feature 24 teams and run from June 29 to July 9, 2023. Of those teams, 14 will be the ones that secured one of the top 14 spots in OQ, with 10 of them being from Europe and four from MEA.

Krafton PUBG - Is the chicken or are you the dinner? There will be some tasty chicken dinners in the coming weeks

On top of that, eight EMEA Partner Teams will join the competitions, with the winners of PEC: Spring and The Rotation filling up the remaining spots on the roster.

Broadcast details for PGS 2 EMEA Qualifiers will be revealed at a later date.

  • PGS 2 EMEA Qualifiers (24 teams): June 29 - July 9 
    • Top 14 teams from Open Qualifiers
      • 10 from Europe 
      • 4 from MEA
    • 8 EMEA Partner Teams
    • Winner of PEC: Spring (HOWL)
    • Winner of The Rotation

Top two teams from the PGS 2 EMEA Qualifiers will move on, alongside the Global Partner Teams so they will have to be the cream of the crop to ensure further competition.


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