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PUBG makes you the chicken's dinner for April Fools

Published: 01:58, 01 April 2023
PUBG - Is the chicken or are you the dinner?
PUBG - Is the chicken or are you the dinner?

PUBG turned the tables on the players with this year's April Fools event are they are now trying not to become a chicken's dinner.

PUBG , much like all other live service games, has seasonal and holiday events that often include unique game modes.

In the past, Krafton added the likes of POBG when the game took on a retro appearance and Monster Chicken Royale but this year's April's Fools is adding zombies into the mix.

Bizarre Battle Royale is a limited-time game mode that will be available until April 10, 2023, during which time the players will need to escape hordes of zombies and overgrown chickens.

The players will not be powerless themselves. On the contrary, they will utilise powerful new boosts that can give them super speed or wall hacks among other things.

Killing zombies, enemy players or chickens will allow players to collect OP coins to purchase temporary OP boosts that also include increased HP, invulnerability and more.

Just like in the regular battle royale, the surviving team wins but the top three teams will earn additional OP coins for future matches.

There are rewards to sweeten the top and you can earn the Bizarre Survivor Emblem and Hunter's Chests and Keys from participating in the event.


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