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Ghostcrawler leaves Riot Games MMO development team

Published: 09:42, 09 March 2023
Ghostcrawler's crab avatar
Ghostcrawler's crab avatar

One of the key members of the team working on Riot Games' MMO has left, leaving a significant void behind.

Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street is a well-known name in the gaming industry and for a good reason. 

The man's illustrious career started gathering the spotlight back in the Blizzard days while he was working on World of Warcraft where he did receive some negative feedback from the players but the general consensus is that the game was at its highest point during Street's time at the company.

Upon joining Riot Games , he worked on League of Legends and then a slew of projects, eventually ending up as development lead on the Riot MMO in 2020. However, he would not see the release of the game in that role as he stepped down in March 2023.

The exact reasons for the departure were not detailed but both Ghostcrawler and Riot Games did state it had to do with recent tragedies in the developer's family, at which point he decided he needed to spend more time with people he loves.

On top of that, it was more than one bad event, which can't be easy for anyone.

Riot Games League of Legends Evelynn League of Legends Evelynn

Riot Games acknowledged Ghostcrawler's role in the MMO project by stating there will be a huge gap in the place now that he is leaving but they are looking for someone to fill to the best of their ability.

Tryndamere noted the game is still in early development so don't expect to see anything concrete for the next few years.


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