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New World increases costs of upgrading 590 GS Legendaries

Published: 10:31, 09 March 2023
New World - Content from Brimstone Sands
New World - Content from Brimstone Sands

New World is preparing another change that will annoy the players but at least there is a silver lining to it.

Amazon Game Studios recently confirmed they have bigger plans for items dedicated to certain activities in New World , like Outpost Rush, Wars and Invasions.

Currently, only the OPR weapons can be converted into Legendaries by upgrading from 590 Gear Score to 600, at which point they gain a third perk.

Armour from the same activity doesn't get the same treatment and neither any items from Wars and Invasions but that is going to change in the future as the devs are looking to make the rewards more engaging. However, there is another side to that coin.

Upgrading an item from 590 to 600 GS on live servers will take 205 Umbral Shards while the Public Test Realm (PTR) has different values where the number will be almost doubled, requiring 400 Shards to get the same upgrade.

When those changes go live, many players will find the upgrade avenues have turned into massive currency sinks and if they haven't farmed up a ton of Shards beforehand, it will take them a while to get their gear up to speed.

If you are looking to further upgrade your items, going to 620 GS will take you 6,485 Shards on live servers, which will be somewhat discounted to 5,750 when PTR changes kick in. On the other hand, going from 620 to 625 will be much more expensive, standing at 3,100 on PTR, compared to 2,750 on live servers.

Overall, upgrading weapons will generally be more expensive, with the only instance where the changes benefit the player being if they intend to go to 620 Gear Score.


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