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New CS:GO Source 2 leaks offer more details about the game's future

Published: 11:02, 08 March 2023
Counter Strike

Following the first round of leaks that let the cat out of the bag, details about the game's tick rate, skins and the format of deploying CS:GO Source 2.

Counter-Strike: Global Operations  may not be on the exit door just yet as the CS release that was leaked via Nvidia and subsequently confirmed by sources within Valve could end up being just an update to the existing game.

In other words, there is no CS:GO 2 but the game will be moved to the Source 2 engine.

What this means for existing players is that all those skins they accrued over the years will be safe and they don't need to worry about transferring them or starting a new collection from scratch.

While the news is good for such players, those who hoped for a brand-new Counter-Strike game will likely be disappointed. 

Still, considering the upgrades that are suspected to be coming through extrapolation of existing facts, the upgrade will be substantial enough to please everyone. By moving with the upgrade that is the Source 2 engine, we can expect somewhat better visuals but also better gameplay.

Riot Games Valorant - Gekko With the introduction of remote planting in Valorant, many will be excited to see what's next for CS:GO

For example, the famous 128 tick rate that is present in Valorant allows better synchronisation between what the players do and what the servers interpret and one big question was whether it would be present in CS:GO.

There are rumours now that CS:GO Source 2 will be "tickless" which should theoretically prove even better for the players. Theory is one thing though and until we get to play the game, each of us will not know for sure.

So when might it release then? In comparison with Dota 2's major update of the same sort, CS:GO has already deployed the necessary files so Gaben can actually shadow-drop it any moment now . We are sure there will be an announcement and all the news will be buzzing about CS:GO when it happens though.


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