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Project LLL gets first gameplay, instantly reminds of The Division

Published: 15:20, 15 November 2022
First look at Project LLL
First look at Project LLL

NCSoft is pushing for the looter shooter market it seems as Project LLL gets gameplay reveal and a release date window.

NCSoft  is mostly in the MMO market and Project LLL is aiming to change the formula only slightly. Instead of going for a fantasy setting, the team opted for what looks like a looter shooter, although they did specifically mention it to be a "shooter MMO".

It is an ambitious project with elements of time travel baked into the setting as we will get to visit the 10th century Byzantine Empire, post-apocalyptic South Korea and a futuristic setting in the 23rd century. 

In other words, we will be going through different places, spanning 1300 years and witnessing the execution of such a plan should be rather exciting.

The open world will feature "more than 30km of land area" which might be a bit confusing as there is no mention of square kilometres. All the areas will be connected to a single environment so loading screens shouldn't be a thing.

NCSoft is aiming to create replayability with procedurally generated content, although there are concerns about quality, which is always a problem with procedurally generated areas, enemies and so on - they often end up feeling like the exact same thing with a slightly different paint job.

The gameplay showcase reminded many gamers of The Division but it is worth noting that the enemies didn't appear to be bullet sponges but the game is still in development and the final balancing decisions might end up throwing sacks of HP at us.

Another group of elements that reminds of The Division is the UI and character camera, but there is a distinct difference in the gameplay video that looks much more appealing.

Project LLL is planned for a 2024 release.


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