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Predator: Hunting Grounds arrives to Steam with a brand new map

Published: 17:23, 29 April 2021
The Predator from Predator: Hunting Grounds.
Be afraid of my PS3 era textures!

Illfonic's forgotten PvP multiplayer shooter Predator: Hunting Grounds has arrived to Steam, one year after the initial launch on PlayStation 4. The game also supports crossplay between the two platforms.

After one year of exclusively on Sony's PlayStation 4, Illfonic's PvP multiplayer shooter Predator: Hunting Grounds has arrived to PC via Steam. You can purchase the game and a full DLC package right now on Valve's platform.

The DLCs include all four Predator DLC skins and abilities: Viking, Samurai, Valkyrie, and City Hunter, plus early access to three additional masks and six war paints. Additionally, players will be happy to hear that the game supports crossplay and allows for crossplay invites. One thing to note, all progress in-game is stored on a per-platform basis and is non-transferable.

illfonic A cloaked Predator sneaks up on a target in Predator: Hunting Grounds. Unbelievably, this actually feels balanced.

To celebrate the PC release of the game, Illfonic have a brand new map for both platforms. Named The Airstrip, the map features multiple Stargazer encampments, airplane hangars, and an airstrip littered with planes and choppers, all scattered throughout the thick jungle.

Here's the official breakdown:

"Guerilla snipers wait to pick you off one-by-one, and broken sight lines leave you easy prey as Fireteam. The Predator is forced to calculate its every move as entering this space forces you into hand-to-hand combat without an easy escape to the trees. There are places to hide, but if you seek shelter in a plane and the Predator sees you, just know you’re not getting past it unless it wants you to."

illfonic The Predator stalks his prey in Predator: Hunting Grounds. No-one is looking in the tree. They really should be looking in the tree.

You can find more details about the game's latest update and PC release on the PlayStation blog.

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