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Predator: Hunting Grounds free trial weekend coming to PS4 and PC

Published: 09:51, 27 February 2020
The Predator targets his prey in Predator: Hunting Grounds.
Specsavers are being much too aggressive with their laser eye surgery promotion...

IllFonic are hosting a free trial weekend for their asymmetrical shooter Predator: Hunting Grounds on PlayStation 4 and PC from 27 to 29 March 2020.

Predator: Hunting grounds is an upcoming asymmetrical shooter from Friday The 13th: The Game developer IllFonic, set to release in a couple of months. Today, the developers announced that they will be hosting a free trial weekend, prior to the official release. Some would say that's just a fancy name for a stress test or a beta.

Anyway, you will get to play it on PC and PlayStation 4 starting on Friday, 27 March 2020 until Sunday, 29 March 2020. PlayStation 4 players will need PlayStation Plus subscription to play the game. The free trial weekend will feature cross-play support, meaning that PC and PS4 players will get to play together.

If you are unfamiliar with Predator: Hunting Grounds, you can either play as a Predator, hunting the group of humans with fancy, sci-fi gadgets at your disposal, or you can try to survive the creature's hunt as one of the humans, equipped with various weapons.

The Predator can use his cloaking device to and strike a deadly blow from the trees and bushes, while humans can try and catch the creature off-guard with teamwork. There are three classes available for humans - Hunter, Berserker and Scout. Hunter has a versatile hunting style and balanced weapon choice. Berserker, as expected, has savage power and extra health while Scout is fast and has ultimate stamina. 

Illfonic A squad prepares to strike in Predator: Hunting Grounds. My sincerest apologies Commander, but... I'd like to pick a different assignment.

Predator: Hunting Grounds is confirmed only for PlayStation 4 and PC. It remains to be seen if the game eventually arrives to Xbox One as well. The release date is set for 24 April 2020.

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