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Path of Exile gets time-bending DLC dubbed Incursion

Published: 16:21, 04 June 2018
Grinding Gear Games
Player fighting a pile of monsters in a desert map of Path of Exile.
Path of Exile: Fall of Oriath

If you're not a fan of RPG's, you're forgiven for not knowing Path of Exile. You know Diablo though, right? Well, Path of Exile is Diablo done right and this five year old game continues to amaze with its latest expansion dubbed Incursion.

Incursion, or the Incursion Challenge League as the developer Grinding Gears call it, has landed a few days ago and already it racked up some impressive numbers for a five year old. Yeah, yeah, we know it's called timeless in the world of RPGs.

A quick check on SteamCharts reveals that Path of Exile has had 4,500 more players in average in the past 30 days. Note that this does not include other digital download formats and we're somehow certain they'd make Steam figures look silly.

If you're waiting on Path of Exile: incursion for the Xbox One, it will be coming next week. Grinding Gear have already stated that Incursion went incredibly smooth all things considering, which surely meant more time to tailor it to .

The expansion's story is that explorer Alva Valai is searching for ancient Vaal treasures in the Temple of Atzoatl. Each time you see him, he opens a time portal into a time when the Temple was being built. Eventually, players will hone in on the exact location, with the obvious catch that your actions in the past affect the present state and contents of the Temple of Atzoatl. 

Incursion has 40 challenges with the rewards Incursion Bandana, Incursion Cloak and Incursion Portal Effect unlocking at challenge number 12, 24 and 36, in that order. Note that these cosmetic additions to your Path of Exile wardrobe can only be obtained in gameplay.

Steam Steam's stats for the game Path of Exile in May 2018 Path of Exile

In case you're not familiar with the game, you should know Path of Exile in fact boasts one of the deepest character customization systems with a slew of support gems, which are items that enable various skills and unlock specific perks. There are also passive traits and an incredibly complex skill tree that makes you wonder about real life problems, whose Relevance stat takes an instant hit between -4 and -12.

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